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From investing in my first property when I was only 23 years old to having a great appreciation for architecture and a deep desire to teach, I knew, very early on, that real estate was going to play a huge role in my life.  Before becoming a licensed real estate agent, I was a home owner and owned multiple investment properties. With this experience and understanding, I’ve always been able to relate to my clients with ease whether they were buying, selling, investing, or simply leasing their properties. Knowing how much it means to own a home, my goal is to produce the best possible experience for my clients. I make sure to educate them through every step of the process so that they can understand, for themselves, why they are making the right decision.

When it’s time to sell a client’s property, I have become proficient at using digital platforms along with tapping into my wealth of resources.  I’m also extremely strategic when it comes to negotiations, in order to sell at the highest possible market price.

On behalf of my dynamic team and I, we look forward to working with you and ensure you that each transaction will be handled efficiently and thoroughly. 


Every child deserves an education and nothing should ever stand in the way of them performing at their best. I personally identify with the financial strain of having to support yourself while completing ones post secondary education. That’s why I’ve started The Jude Botchway Education Program. This bursary was created to alleviate some of the financial burdens high school students run into when entering University.


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